Presenter Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when thinking about a Science Cabaret style of presentation. In general it should contain some of the following elements:

• Controversy
• Current/latest in science
• Thought provoking
• Interactivity
• Informative

It would also be helpful to include art or music or visuals or other entertaining elements if relevant or possible.

Please also keep in mind that your presentation should be conveyed in language that a non-specialist or non-scientist audience can understand. The presentation should not rely exclusively on the use of PowerPoint or other visual media. All visuals should be kept to a minimum and only used sparingly to illustrate a point.

The format of the evening starts with a short introduction  & follows with the presentation. Please keep your presentation to ~25-30 minutes, then offer a short break for people to get a drink, and followed by ~30-60 minutes of question/answer & discussion. However this is only one example, you are welcome to set it up differently.