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Cosmos Celebration! 06/5/14

Thanks everyone for attending, presenting, and participating. We enjoyed running the series for you!

Cosmos finale screening in Space Sciences!

The original Cosmos television series from 1980, spearheaded and hosted by Cornell Professor Carl Sagan, was a landmark science communication production which brought the story of science into millions of households.  The new series, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, has updated this series for a new generation.  It is written by Ithacan Ann Druyan, Professor Sagan’s widow, and is hosted by science celebrity Neil deGrasse Tyson who was personally inspired by Carl to continue pursuing science as a career on a visit to Cornell.  It is part of a legacy here at Cornell, and it is fitting that we should commemorate it.

To celebrate the new series’ finale, we’re hosting a screening in the Space Sciences building.  We’ll be joined by a special guest, science writer and journalist Larry Klaes, who will provide insights and commentary on the content of the episode.  Afterwards, we’re pleased to host a special roundtable discussion with Mr. Klaes, Einstein Postdoctoral Fellow Leo Stein and Ph.D. candidate in astronomy Shoshanna Cole.  Along with these three science communication enthusiasts, we’ll talk about the series, what its legacy could be and how science communication is changing.  We will also take questions from the audience.

This program is produced by Science Cabaret with generous help from the Cornell Department of Astronomy.

Place: 105 Space Sciences Building

Time: Monday, June 9th, 7 pm

Guest Panelists: Larry Klaes, Dr. Leo Stein, Shoshanna Cole


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