On hiatus

Thank you all for your great attendance, attention, and adventurous spirits this 2017 season!

Together we explored the intricacies and ethics of gene editing, climate change,  a fabulous program covering slug glue (which has inspired a medical innovation to replace sutures), for the first time ever we brought apple science to the Ithaca Apple Festival, electricity, and so much more.

See you in 2018 for more science, more questions, and more mind-bending programs.

Radio listening tip:  Tune into the new Locally Sourced Science program on Sundays at 5pm on WRFI, or catch up on all the episodes here.

Find us on facebook and twitter too for more science-y stuff.

Keep in touch, and do let us know your ideas! As usual we’ll try to keep you posted on local science news and events of interest.

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