Tuesday, Nov 10, 7 PM

Join us at our new location, Coltivare, for an entertaining and magical evening with Psychologist and Magician David Kilpatrick.

Novembers’ Science Cabaret will featuring a magical performance by David Kilpatrick, an Assistant Professor of Psychology at SUNY Cortland. David is a part-time professional magician who has performed over 2,000 magic shows since 1986. He is an expert in reading difficulties and cognition and the author of the recently released book Essentials of Assessing, Preventing, and Overcoming Reading Difficulties. He will be dazzling the audience with his magic while he reveals some of the key research on perception, memory, and language that explains how magicians fools us. To learn the psychological secrets behind magic and psychic phenomena (ESP) and have some magic performed on you come along to Coltivare, Tuesday, November 10th.

With Dr. David Kilpatrick, a professional magician and Assistant Professor of Psychology at the State University New York Cortland.

Coltivare | 235 S Cayuga St | FREE

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    Science Cabaret: where science and life meet.

    One Tuesday a month at Coltivare in Ithaca, New York, Science
    Cabaret mixes science, art, and audience participation in an
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